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New site!

Attention LYOE friends and followers.

Happy New year! Hope you had a great one

Please note that all future postings will be done via my new band website –

My adventure that was Last Year on Earth was an amazing one. I completed things I always dreamt of and found myself with a new life in another country. Now it’s time to move on. Time to take what I learnt and live my life to the fullest!

Join me at or on the FYOE Facebook to keep up to date with my music and new happenings.

2015 will be a huge year! Looking forward to sharing with you.


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Recording in the Big Apple

It’s been a crazy couple of months since I decided to work less and throw myself back into original music! The band is really coming along. We’ve been performing a few times a week (wherever will have us) and our debut album us half complete.

violinAs I write this I’m sitting on plane headed to New York to record violin for the upcoming album. Very excited to be working with good friend and world class
violinist Michael McClintock. Michael has a home studio on the famous Bleeker St in the West Village. It’s a great space to make music, surrounded but some of the most famous jazz clubs in the world AND you can see the empire state building from his window. Awesome.

The recording process for me is always a nerve racking experience. It brings forward all of my musical insecurities. In the studio there truly is nowhere to hide! If you don’t play or sing something well, everyone gets to hear it over and over. It’s especially daunting when you’re surrounded by great musicians. But that’s what it’s all about, I need to keep improving and moving forward. I’m not hiding these songs in my bedroom any longer. Fake it until you make it right? Ha.

At the very least I know I’ll be able to say this album was the best I could do at the time. The next one though…. That’s going to be better!


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Rocking with the folks

Recently my parents made their way from Murwillumbah Australia, to Austin Texas to visit me. It was fantastic sharing some time with them and finally showing them my new home away from home.

My parents are very interesting people. My mother was born in New Zealand but settled in Australia over 40 years ago and built a life for herself. She’s a very well respected Yoga instructor, masseuse, writer and wellness coach. 4 kids and 1000 grandkids later she’s still one of the most positive and understanding people I’ve ever met. Through her seminars and writings, she’s constantly inspiring people of all ages to live happy and healthy lives. Check out her latest book here! mum_dad_me_amanda

My Dad has also worn many hats. He started his adulthood as a professional athlete playing Rugby League at the highest level. A natural born leader, he remains to be one of the youngest players in the clubs history to become captain of the first division team. After football he stayed in the fitness industry having several successful business ventures. More on his football career here 

Somewhere in between providing for our family and being an all around badass, my Dad found time to be a performing musician. To this day he still gigs around my hometown!

All my best qualities I got from my Mum and Dad. My Mother gave me a sense of adventure and the belief that I can do anything with my life. My Dad always led by example. I’d like to think I got his toughness, Loyalty and passion for self expression.

Any musician will tell you, being able to share the stage with a family member is a pretty great experience. When they were in Austin, I got to do just that. Check it out:-)



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Batman ran the NYC MARATHON!

It was a while ago now, but I haven’t told you this one.

Foolishly, My LYOE bucket list included running a marathon. Although it was an incredibly rough experience on my body and more importantly my social life, I have to say it was probably the coolest thing I’ve done to date.


marathon bibI entered the 2012 NYC Marathon. Trained up, raised $5000 for charity, then 2 days before the starting pistol it was canceled. Hurricane Sandy had devastated New York only a week before. New York was hurting. Obviously the decision to cancel the race was a good one but I was still heartbroken. All that training and fundraising ended up being disappointingly anticlimactic.  {Click to read old post}


Thankfully I wasn’t alone. New York was filled with thousands of upset runners that weekend. New Jersey resident Lance Svendsen had a brilliant idea. Lance started a Facebook group called NYC Marathon Run Anyway that encouraged everybody who was running for reasons other then self satisfaction to join him in Central park and do the 42km there, away from the devastation of Sandy. The result was epic but I’ll need to tell you that story another time. Check out all the good work Lance has done since then here.


November 4th 2012 I ran the 42km in Central park. It was unreal! But I still felt as though there was some unfinished business; against the will of my parents, girlfriend, and every semi intelligent friend I have, I signed up for the 2013 batman1Marathon. It was not canceled.


Never one to do things under the radar, I ran the whole thing dressed as Batman. Yes, cape and all. It seems ridiculous I know, but it actually wound up being the perfect outfit for the chilly September day! You don’t need high tech clothing

to run a marathon, just a $40 batman suit.


Although she didn’t like watching me in pain during the training months, my girlfriend Amanda flew to NYC to support me. Being the true supporter that she is, she dressed as Robin on marathon day. What a sidekick!


batman4Anybody who’s run the NYC marathon will tell you what an epic experience it is, but running it as batman…. Wow. Some highlights:

* Turning a corner and seeing a 40+ piece brass band. The conductor spots me coming down the road, turns to his musicians, yells something and they start playing the Batman theme song. I made it to them just in time for the “BATMAN!” moment. Classic.

* Plenty of comments were yelled at me during the run. The most hilarious (Language warning) was “Nice dick Batman”. I guess lycra has it’s cons to.

* No1: Running the last 5km next to superman. People thought we’d planned it. Superfriends! I beat him by the way. ;-p


I rate completing the NYC marathon as the coolest thing I’ve done (to date). Seeing so much of that city from the streets is an experience in itself, but to finally check that one off my bucket list is a dream come true. I ran it in 3:56, 4 minutes ahead of my goal time.


My advice: if you ever run a marathon or plan to run another in the future, dress up like a fool. It takes the pressure off and gives thousands of people a good laugh in the process.



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My old university used me in their advertising. Here’s the result!

Thanks La trobe. They flew me to New York for this.

It was below 0 degrees outside! Nearly froze!

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My First Post in Over a Year

Hey everyone.

I’m a little embarrassed about the fact that it’s been over a year since I last posted. Very embarrassed actually.

Apologies to those who wondered why my story stopped. I was always very humbled by the fact that some of you found inspiration in LYOE. So for you, here’s an explanation.


First and foremost, I haven’t given up. LYOE is a great concept that still burns inside me. We should all chase our dreams in some form until the very end.

I fell of the map because I was given a great employment opportunity (That old story). My big chance to join the “Real world” and I took it.


Although the job itself was a very good one and I loved the people I worked with, it completely consumed my life leaving no time for creative projects (This blog included).

I kept telling myself the work would die down. I was sure I could do it all; be a creative AND business man. For the record you can absolutely do both (read The 4-hour work week) but in that particular situation the hours the job required left 0 time for creation..


Not only had I been creatively stifled, my social life also suffered. I’ve been out of touch with some of my dearest friends… No way to live life if you ask me.


This was my first real swing at the workforce. For the first time I worried about rubbish like taxes, building good credit and planning for retirement. Yuck.


I’m very proud to announce that I’ve moved forward, well, some might consider it backward. Sorry real world, I’m out, for good this time.

I learnt that high stress and worry isn’t a fair trade for financial security. Besides, I get the feeling if I follow my heart long enough I’ll figure out a way to make good money someday, without the sleepless nights.


The world made me answer some big questions last year. Questions I’ve seen before but have never really been tested on.

It’s easy to say things like “Everybody should do what they love”. Well, the older you get the more pressure you feel to hurry up and find that love! That’s where I stumbled. I got a good job, wasn’t poor all of a sudden and felt the pressures of manhood.


It upsets me that as soon as I was presented with an opportunity to make a lot of money my priorities flipped. I never thought I’d fall down that hole.


Well I’m back. Feeling like I relapsed. Building my own ideas again. Sure my “security blanket” is gone but wasn’t that the whole point of LYOE?

Time to take some of my own medicine. There are better alternatives to living. The rat race is one option, I’m looking for another.


Life lived is long! I believe that. It’s tattooed on my ribs for god sake.


So hello again. I’ve got music to make.

I’ll keep you posted:-)



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Marathon video almost ready!

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Marathon preview

The 2012 NYC Marathon was canceled. With respect for all that suffered during Sandy, we ran it anyway. I wasn’t just running for myself, I could sense most runners that day were carrying heavy hearts. Full video to come shortly

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Georgia… She was a time in a place.

I’m glad I got to give her this song. I’m not sure where she is now? I hope she’s happy:-)



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Everything’s bigger in Texas

Last week I moved to Austin Texas. I replaced martinis in Manhattan for 2 stepping in the desert! Chapter 2 of my American adventure has begun. New York was great but I’ll be honest with you, I was ready to leave.

All my life I dreamt of living in the big apple; now I can say I did it! It was great. I met some incredible people and had some truly unforgettable experiences.

I’ve been in situations I could have never imagined. For instance, I was on a film set with Leonardo Dicaprio last month…. I’m not even an actor, crazy right? That’s a story for another day:-)IMG_0079

That’s what New York was to me, a magical city, and I’ll always have a love affair with the place, but it wasn’t all great. Long term it’s not for me.

I was right there in thick of it, living the New York life! Riding the subway, jogging through Central Park, drinking scotch in jazz bars until 5am, you name it, I rocked it. But after I while, I knew I wasn’t born to be a New Yorker.

I’m a fairly simple guy and extremely grateful for the gifts I’ve been given. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this but not everybody has the same sense of gratitude. Gosh, if I had to hear one more over privileged girl complain about her life, I would have lost it! Most people lack perspective and travel is the best remedy for this.

At times New York brought me down a little, so now I moved. Austin Texas, the live music capital of the world J

I’m over half way through my last year on earth and so far I’ve had the best 6 months of of my life. What’s the next 6 months got in store? I don’t know, why do I get the feeling it’s gonna be awesome?


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